Gas Turbines

Gas turbines for power generation and mechanical drive

The gas turbine portfolio from MAN Diesel & Turbo consists of the THM gas turbines, which cover a 9 to 13 MW range and the newly developed MGT gas turbines with power outputs of up to 7 MW for both power generation, as well as mechanical drive applications.

  • THM Gas Turbine Family
  • MGT6100/MGT6200

The THM 1304 heavy-duty gas turbine family offers an extremely long life with a high level of reliability and availability. The modular design facilitates easy installation and maintenance features to realize an optimized cost-to-benefit ratio over the entire lifecycle. The THM gas turbine family is available for mechanical drive applications including compressor drives for pipeline and process applications as well as pump drives for oil pipelines and water injection. In addition, various power generation applications are covered including cogeneration, auxiliary power, blackstart and peaking. Both onshore and offshore requirements are perfectly met.
Features & Benefits:

  • Twin shaft heavy duty modular design for easy and rapid installation
  • High reliability and availability
  • DLE Combustion System for low NOx and CO exhaust emissions
  • Fuel Flexibility and special fuels (e.g. methanol, diesel, kerosene)



Typical Performance Data:

Mechanical Drive (at coupling)
Power at coupling kW 10,500 12,500

hp 14,081 16,783
Efficiency % 30.4 31.8
Heat rate kJ / kWh 11,840 11,320
Power Turbine Speed rpm 9,000 9,000
Generator Drive (at generator terminals)
Power Output kWe 10,080 12,000
Efficiency % 29.2 30.5
Heat rate kJ / kWh 12,330 11,790
Exhaust Gas Data
Exhaust gas temperature °C
490 515
°F 914 959
Exhaust gas flow kg / s 46.5 49.1
lb / s 103 108
Emissions (ref. to 15% O2dry)*
NOx (mg/Nm3) 50 50
CO (mg/Nm3) <10 <10
* for gas turbines equipped with DLE Combustion System


In 2011, MAN Diesel & Turbo launched a new industrial gas turbine. For mechanical drive applications the twin shaft design has primarily been developed (MGT6200) while the single shaft turbine will be employed purely in the power generation industry (MGT6100). Decades of industrial gas turbine experience and profound application knowledge have led to a new evolution in small industrial gas turbines. The high efficiency, a comprehensive service concept as well as the compact package design are only a few examples of the MAN Diesel & Turbo gas turbine distinguished features.
Features & Benefits:

  • State-of-the-art combustion system
  • High turbine efficiency for minimized emissions and operation cost
  • Suitable for CHP/cogeneration and combined cycle applications


Typical Performance Data:

Mechanical Drive
Power Generation
Power Output (MW) 6.90 6.63
Efficiency (%) 34.0 32.2
Heat Rate (kJ/Wh) 10,590 11,190
Exhaust gas flow (kg/s) 28.1 26.2
Exhaust gas temperature (°C) 460 505
Fuel flow (kg/h)
[LHV = 48 MJ/kg]
1,520 1,540
Heat input (MJ/s) 20.3 20.6

Emissions (ref. to 15% O2dry)

NOx (mg/Nm3) 30 30
CO (mg/Nm3) <30 <30
Load Range (%) 70-100 50-100


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